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So tiny…

So tiny…

This image I used for my tutor sessions and Britta just took the small image and painted it on 7x5cm - as small as it was on the worksheet. Great work!

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Jutta’s Sunset

Jutta’s Sunset

There are some paintings from my students that are really worth showing. Here you see that the country is very flat in Northern Germany, but we've got skies over here, haven't...

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Some Advice (1)

Some Advice (1)

A sea friend showed me some paintings lately. He was not that satisfied with them. In this case it is of big value to ask someone else. A fresh new view that doesn't stick to the...

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Ulrike Miesen-Schuermann

Ulrike Miesen-Schuermann

I’m Ulrike Miesen-Schuermann, fine artist, tutor and full of ideas for me and for you. Some times just a word or a picture is needed to take us to old and new worlds, where we have collected and still collect treasures: little gems, places and memories – with a whole lot of love. Let’s get out these apples of the eye and brighten our world.

Tips for Drawing

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Tip of the Day

For a stressful day: Have a cup of tea and a look out of a window.

Need an Exercise?

For Writers:

Describe drinking a drink.

For Painters:

Take the most simple item around you, a pencil and paper and sketch it.

Show me, if you like!

A good Saying?

“Tell me to what you pay attention and I will tell you who you are.”

José Ortega y Gassett


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