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My Tips for Writing

Just write if...

… you really in the mood for and want it.

Hand or Desktop

Try out what you like for the act of writing – either by hand  or on your desktop:

  • For your very personal belongings and events I recommend a notebook with paper and a good pen or more than one, perhaps some more colors, depending on your mood.
  • For the beginning of a story real paper is also very helpful. You get closer to your topic easily. If you’ve found into your idea, you can turn to your PC. There it’s very handy to change words and paragraphs and send it to a reader.
  • If you like writing with your hand, you can call the transfer a rewriting already. It is great to do that the next day. The time inbetween is as helpful for the words and your thoughts to settle down and to get a little distance.


As you like typing on a good keyboard and having a good programm for writing, you should choose your equipment for writing with your hand: Try you favorite pens and find THAT pen for writing. If you are not satisgied, buy a new one – the embodiment that you take your writing seriously.

What in... what on

I’m sure your PC is dear to you. So should be your notebook and its paper. There are so many great designs with nice covers and fine paper, but the simple one from the supermarket would do aswell – just as you like it.

You Place for Writing

Look for a nice place to write, perhaps near a window or with a nice look into the room. I’d like writing on my balcony in summer.

Music, Noise or none?

Mosts people prefer to write in silence. I’m most productive when there’s no neighbour disturbing me. Sometimes even music distracts my concentration.

However, you should find out what you like. If you are in your flow (I’m sure you get there sooner or later!), not even the noise of a cafe could stop you. Not just Natalie Goldberg recommands to write in a cafe, as you see so many people and actions in such places – plenty of things to write about…!

Light or Dark?

Writing is fun in the morning. your head is still free and open. If your usual mornings are crowded, try to find some time in the afternoon or when you have a day off.

However, it’s also cosy to sit under a lamp on the sofa in the evening with your book, your pen and a nice drink nearby.

You want more?

You need a reason or an idea for writing oder just the first sentence or even just the first word? You’d like to know how to start? What else?

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