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Information for the Purchase

How do I purchase a painting?

Every painting on the website has information on where it can be purchased.  If there is a gallery listed you will need to contact that gallery and purchase directly from them.  If there is no gallery listed please either click the button or contact me to request more information or express interest in purchasing.

If you find a work available through me direct then you can either pay by credit card or PayPal.

I do offer payment plans for any painting over $1000.  You can choose from 2 – 6 months payments to pay for your new painting.  Please just specify how much time you need and what day of the month you would like to be billed and I will email you an invoice at that time. You may pay by check, credit card or PayPal for your installment payments.

Does my painting come framed?

Just those paintings where you also find a photo with a frame is framed and the frame is included as I have chosen the frame especially for this painting. If you don’t want the frame or you have your own framer, please, let me know and I will adjust the price of the painting accordingly.

What happens after purchasing?

After your final payment has been received, your painting will be carefully packaged and shipped via DHL. The paintings are insured during shipping if it is mentioned at the checkout information. If it was not mentioned and you’d like it to be insured, just let me know. I’ll check that and tell you the price as soon as possible.  If you need another shipper please just specify which you prefer by emailing me.  Paintings need to be unwrapped and unboxed as soon as possible to let breathe.  

How does my painting come shipped?

Paintings need to be unwrapped and unboxed as soon as possible to let breathe. You don’t want to leave them in the box for too long. So if you are giving as a gift unpack them and the re-pack when ready to gift. Carrying insurance on the painting after it arrives in your possession is your responsibility. All paintings will be shipped DRY (I do not ship wet paintings), varnished, signed and a certificate (unless stated otherwise) with title.

How to care for your paintings?

To dust your  oil and acrylic painting over time you can use a lint free cloth or a dry soft hair paintbrush and run it back and forth from the top to the bottom allowing all the dust to fall off.  Never use anything liquid to clean it with.  If you do happen to get a scratch on the painting this is usually just in the surface of the varnish and a new layer of the same varnish will correct it. 

For watercolor, pastels or drawings it is always best to leave them under glass in the frame. However, you can clean the glass.

Never put a painting in full sun or in a dark damp place. Both will cause damage. Too much sun will bleach out the colors over time no matter the varnish. Store it in a dark humid place and it will darken the painting and mold damage and warping is possible. 

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