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After so many different jobs (railway official, bookkeeper and language teacher in Britain and Germany) I didn’t want to stop learning and teaching. Art is the best area for both, and I’m so happy to have found the way into it despite all the warnings and doubts. I “just” followed my heart: I’ve alternated painting and writing, first learning then teaching.
Now it’s time to combine them to really get to the centre because time is running and we need to stop and live an enjoyable life.

 Do you do that already?


We all have been able to keep some pieces that passed our ways: memories, photos, stories being untold or halfway forgotten or some things we keep in drawers, in the attic or on the mantelpiece.
During the last 5 years I’ve collected so many of them as my life has changed so much: I lost my husband to cancer and my old parents’ home got sold not long ago. To keep everything just in my head seems too less. So, I’ve got a big box full of remarkable things to be painted and stories to be told and written in order to not to forget them and to remember former parts of life that formed me and made me who I am now. That tells me about life in general and maybe makes the future even better for more than myself.


It’s always good to know…


1968 born in Bremen, Deutschland
enjoys arts: playing classical piano, drawing, painting, writing short stories
1987 – 1997 after the A-levels, two professional trainings: railway, taxes and studies anglistics and germanistics to be a teacher at the university of Bremen, 1st states exam, foreign language assistant at two London schools for a year
since 1997 teacher at various schools (adult schools, private tutorinig) for children and adults
portrait and landscape painting (Indian Ink and acrylics), photography, published short stories
since 2002 project paintins (acrylics), writing a novel
2003 – 2004 teacher training at a grammar school in Lower Saxony
since 2004 freelancing writer and fine artist, various group and solo exhibitions
further training and studying for painting in Italy, France, Danemark, UK
further training at Hochschule Bremen
opening the own studio for language, image and sounds
further training for creative writing at Bundesakademie Wolfenbüttel
teacher for creative writing
2010 further painting training at the american fine artist Deborah Paris
2011 diploma for painting and drawing at the London Art College
since 2012 as website, UMS-Arts bei FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Daily Paintworks etc.
2015 husband’s death
2019 Profit Canvas Marketing Course for artists with Alexis Fedor, NY
Vital Art Session with Kelli Folsom


2020-2021 “Far and Near”, Epihany Church, Bremen
2020 “Livey Stills”, group exhibition at bundt, Bremen
11/2019 open studios, Bremen-Walle
1-2/2019 “Finds“, Lilie, Hemmstr. 159, 28215 Bremen
12/2017 group exhibitions “Stars and Starlets”, AtelierGalerie einseins7, Am Dobben 117, 28203 Bremen
11/2017 “Ways of sights”, AtelierGalerie einseins7, Am Dobben 117, 28203 Bremen
since 5/2013 “Cake and other delicious things” at the red salon of cafe Knigge, Bremen
4-9/2015 “Natural Musicians” Lilie, Hemmstr. 159, 28215 Bremen
4/2015 group exhibition “I see what you don’t see” at Wallerie, Walle-Center, Bremen
12/2014-1/2015 “Kitchen Gold“, Lilie, Hemmstr. 159, 28215 Bremen
10-11/2014 “Happy”, Feliz, Bremen-Findorff
5/2014 group exhibition “Akzente”, Aachen
8-9/2013 “Naturally Nature”, Kunstschaufenster Haven Höövt, Bremen
6/2013 “Light and Shadow”, curated group exhibition, Bürgerhaus Hemelingen, Bremen
11/2011-12/2013 “Life pure”, dancing school Stegmann, Bremen
9-11/2009 Team exhibiton with Larissa Scheermann, townhall and Murkens Hof Lilienthal
4-5/2008 “Strong small” Zimmergalerie Kattenturm, Bremen
1/2008 “Scenes” Kulturhaus Pusdorf, Bremen
9-10/2007 “3 Years constantly me”, Studiohaus Grambke, Bremen
2/2006 “Civilization”, water mill Sudweyhe, Weyhe
8/2005 open air gallery Worpswede
2004 group exhibition of the artist group “Künstlertreff Bremen”, Werk 54, Bremen


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