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First I really dived into painting, had exhibitions – right from the start, but there was still the writing part in me. So I left the painting and started writing again. Besides, I read a lot about creative writing and taught some groups and wrote even a criminal story with one of them and made an audio CD with the writers’ reading in a studio. Of course some time I missed painting again, went back to it: I learned a lot by studying other artists’ works and I did a painting a day for 1,5 years and taught kids and adults how to paint and to draw.



 In 2014 I had a more or less sudden break in my art carriers: My always supporting, patient and beloved husband Louis was diagnosed with cancer. There was no hope for recovering at all. Doctors were just talking about months. We did everything we could from good bio nutrition over holistic medicine to meditation and we visited different healers. From the diagnosis to his death we had almost 2 years. I’m very convinced that we delayed the Grim Reaper and I’m very proud to have been at his side for almost 30 years. He was the one for the music in our marriage. So, there’s a lot of music on the web by him and us. Just google Drella’s Dream Drops.

It took me three years not to just teach somebody how to paint or how to keep English vocabulary in mind, but to release the halfway buried wishes about me:

  • being creative and
  • to reach people in a personal and emotional way.

However, before even asking this most important question:
How to combine writing AND painting AND teaching?
Becoming and being a widow, coping with a completely different and solitude life, seeing the end of my parental home and observing my parents getting old now – everything during the last years – have had far-reaching repercussions on me and it took me some time to realize: “I cannot make art the same way as before”.


There has been loads of farewells, memories, music, photos, stories and things having lived in drawers, boxes in dusty attics, on mantelpieces, shelves and my mind – and I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering about such things – that gives us questions:

  • Should I keep this LP or that sculpture I didn’t buy? What shall I keep?
  • What about are their values? What about value?
  • Is that important?
  • To whom it may concern at all?
Do you join me? Sometimes we just sit in the middle of boxes, looking through the content lost in getting touched by old things, don’t we?
So many thoughts and things you, me and our families have been collecting throughout their and our lives – and those took me to the idea of my mission

What we love



every piece we keep for a special reason makes us the person we are today.

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