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Nobody can live without love. For that reason there must be plenty of it in your life – and there is much to love. This way I’d like to show you (again).

After a long Odyssey from one job to the next (trains, taxes, teaching) and the loss of my husband, I’ve found my way to become happy and loving. Your way up to today might probably be a bit different.

It’s not obvious but you can leed a happy life alone.


How this is possible?

With questions, pictures (paintings, photos) and writing we get closer to what is and your wishes that maybe got lost in the confusion of life.

We raise them up and you can follow them. You can take your way on your own here. Just go on reading!

But I can also join you if you like.

One hour (60 minutes) are €40,-.

Just write me and ask questions! Then we meet online.

How do I find what I love?

Have a look at these questions. I’m sure that you will find more than one answer:

  • What items, things, treasures have accompanied you since childhood and are still with you? Perhaps they are in the attic or the basement, but they are still there because you haven’t had the heart to give them away. Tell yourself or better – write them down.
  • What have you kept from your parents, grandparents or people who are no longer with you?
  • What do you collect?
  • What are your passions? Are there some items that show them?
  • Are there special moments you love to remember? Did you keep souvenirs?
  • Are there any places you love(d) to visit? Did you bring home a sort of reminder?
  • Have you got a favorite photo? What do you see on it?
  • Have you been given special gifts? What are they? From who? Tell someone or write about them.

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“What we love” gives you a fresh look at your life – with pen, paper and your treasures.

It is a project that is open to everyone.

And what is in your cupboard or in your attic?

Read on…

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