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Willow called Nefertiti

Apr 16, 2024 | Master with me, Studio

There’s a willow in our new garden that had quite long brushes and made a nice shade. They almost reached the table nearby. My partner was very ambitious to cut the brushes in winter and now there are just some little green leaves getting enough sounlight to grow.

I see this willow every morning when I look out of the window of the bedroom and it’s a big relief to have this view to the garden when you are caught a cold before Easter. Before the holidays I bought the Pilot Parallel Pen I saw in a video.

Now there was the chance to use it: Seeing this naked willow we named Nefertiti because the profile looks very similar, I took pen and paper and sketched the tree directly from the bed.

What about your views from the bedroom? There might be also something that is worth sketching…

First View
New Studio


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