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My Tips for Drawing and Painting

Just draw or paint if...

… you really in the mood for it and want it. There’s not use if you just think you have to finish a work today and you’re not really in for doing it. You’d just stand in your way.

With what?

That doesn’t almost matter.

If you like to start small, just take pencil and paper. You don’t need a big equipment.

If you like to start with paint, I’d recommend acrylics, but don’t take the cheap ones from Goya. There are a lot of good beginner sets by Schmincke and Royal Talens. 3 brushes sized 2, 6 and 12 are enough. Don’t take the cheap ones with bold hair. You’d like have fun, don’t you?

On what?

Wether paper or canvas that’s up to you and your taste.

With Paper I’d take some that is not lighter and thinner than 250g/m². That’s already great.

Stretched canvases I’d buy at special traders. (The basic version would do for the first steps.) Unless you’d like to have more work in advance and prime the cheap canvas several times. Otherwise you need loads of paint.

Have a special look at the stretching of the canvas. It must be very strong and tight.

You Place for Drawing/ Painting

Look for a very nice and light place, perhaps near a window. One facing to the north would be best because the light does not change a lot there, on the contrary.

If you like to paint with a lamp, get yourself a daylight bulb. Otherwise you’d be unpleasantly surprised, if you put your painting on a wall. The colors look different.

Music, Noise or none?

Avoid disturbance. I can paint best when there’s no neighbour talking over the fence. Sometimes even music doesn’t fit, but some other times I need pushing music. Try both. If you’re in a flow nothing can stop you.

Preferences can change, be sure 🙂

Light or Dark?

You can always paint. I’ve heard about students getting up at night because they think about their work and know they are not satisfied.

Most artists are most productive in the morning.

For me painting is a matter of light. I prefer to work in daylight, but a cloudy day would do, too.

Drawing with pencil is a good thing in the evening because you just need light and dark areas.

Make up a nice place for yourself. Avoid to stand or paint/draw in the shadow of a lamp or the daylight. Then you can work the whole night long.

You want more?

You need a reason or an idea for drawing or painting or just the first cue? You’d like to know how to start? What else?

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