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What we love

What is it?

„What we love“ (short WWL) gives you a fresh view on your life – with pen, paper and you treasures.
It is a project for everybody to take part.
We occupy ourselves with our treasures
  • that are either hidden in a cupboard or in a box or or you’ve put them for every visitor to see on the windowsill or on the mantelpiec, as e.g. grandma’s vase or grandpa’s cigar box.
  • that come from your past because they are close to your heart: from the special photo to the seashell from the first holiday without your parents.
  • that are brandnew. You look at them lovingly from time to time, as a doll or a self-built dragon or anything else.
What about your boxex? What’s in them?

How can we attend?

We take some time for our treasures and ourselves.
We inspect this or that treasure very closely and remember, how, when and why we got it and collect step-by-step its story.
We write it down and/or paint/draw the treasure and some more.
I’m there and support you.

What is the purpose?

It’s always great to look at your treasures in a new way, but that not all:
  1. You see, how many deep stories your life owns already.
  2. You find out who many valuable treasures you have.
  3. You try yourself in writing, improve and maybe you find more in it.
  4. You try yourself in painting/drawing, improve and perhaps find more in it than some fun from the childhood.
  5. You get back to old or get new passions, pleasure and loves that are possibly buried under Corona at the moment.
  6. You discover that brandnew treasures can be more than you’ve guessed when you got or found them.
  7. You learn that treasures open a big conversation pool for family, friends etc. already when you collect the facts for their stories.
  8. You find out that you can give pleasure to your beloved ones with the result from WWL.
  9. You could be inclined to resume old relations.
  10. You see that your past doesn’t make you just sad because it’s over, but we can be thankful for having been a part of it.

What makes us happy, what do you love… What do you love?


With furrowed brows you’re sitting there and you think yourself what a curious question I ask you here. I find your thoughts quite reasonable, but just give it a try to get involved in it. Isn’t it important to know what you love and – do you actually know it in this moment ad hoc? For me the answer wasn’t easy at all. When can you talk of love or loves? Are those only people, pets or actions, chocolate, the sun on our skin, the underfloor heating (I don’t have)? Great you go on reading!

Make youself aware of it! Walk through the day, look for and find your loves: from your partner to the pets, from the morning coffee through going to a concert, from silence to the humming bee in the garden and what else come to your mind. Write a list, small notpad or notebook – anyway.

Are you already counting or are you still brooding?


You are still brooding...

Go through your day (breakfast, family, job, colleagues, coming home, meals, hobbies, friends, spending the night etc.) looking for the loves and have paper and pen close by. Write down actual and possible ones down. I’m sure one or another love will show up, or not?

If not, ask yourself...

  • when you lost track of time or
  • when you had a good laugh last.

Any idea?

No Idea?

Then it’s time for finding your loves.

Hey, everybody needs love/s! And everybody deserves them. You too!


what you love

You are counting, but...

you are not that happy with your harvest. It’s just too little, or you learn that you rarely keep in touch with them or you do them too rarely or you simply don’t take time for your passions.

Now you notice it, now you can change that.

Are there too few...

write about them and I’m sure there will come up some more, and if not, just klick on “No Idea?” on the left.

Your already found loves: wonderful things, memories and much more you can deepen.

Paint them or write about them – with me!

Write what

you love

for Courage,

Strength &

your Satisfaction

You are counting already...

Your list gets longer and longer. Hey, you are a happy human. My congratulations!

However, there is always a reason to occupy yourself with beloved treasures, people and special memories.

Paint them or write about them – with me!



you love

with me

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“What we love” gives you a fresh look at your life – with pen, paper and your treasures.

It is a project that is open to everyone.

And what is in your cupboard or in your attic?

Read on…

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