… with what we love


What we love

What it is...

Time is running faster and faster and we join this speed, don’t we? However, there are loads of

  • beloved things
  • memories full of music and emotions
  • photos
  • stories


…in drawers…in dusty attics… on mantelpieces
…and… our minds.

Talking to us...

… like:

  • Do you still remember me?
  • What is my story?

And we ask ourselves:

  • Should I keep this toy or that LP?
  • What’s its value?
  • To whom it may concern…?
Let's get the love out!
  • on paper or canvas and/or
  • write its story down
  • or get another idea from it

Think about and resonate with your life and

  • talk about it with others
  • get closer to your life (again)
  • make it better (maybe not just for yourself?)
  • fulfil it (for you and everyone and everything alive)

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