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We’ve got the feeling as if the time just gives us little space for breathing, not to mention a couple of hours for pure thinking and writing. Times are so fast these days. There is so much distraction that we can’t reflect on the essentials. However, we ourselves have so much to offer: to find again and to discover something new.


You certainly have at least one box in which you keep your things of the heart from the past. To occupy ourselves with them gives us not just the pleasure about a written memory, but also a view to the future.

You collect your memories, souvenirs and treasures and you get closer to one of them them while looking at it very closely, remembering its origins and writing about it (questions in the next column).

Find yourself a notebook and a pen or type on a laptop. You can write its history, develop a story or a poem.

From me you get further suggestsions, how you get closer to your treasure, writing exercises and countless tips.

Thus, you get not just plenty of new thoughts about the past or the present to write down, but also about the future

This I’d like to do with you one-to-one via Zoom/Skype (the first session is free, the next appointments are 60 minutes á 40€)

or have a look to the Facebook group (link on this page)

Just write me an email so that we can talk about questions and dates.

Questions to raise a treasure:

  • What is it what you love?
  • How does the treasure feel? How does it smell? Does it make a sound?
  • Describe it.
  • When and how did you get it? Found? Present? Purchase? (season, year, your age, place? etc.)
  • Was it a special occasion? What is your memory?
  • What makes it a treasure for you? Is it still the same as in the past? Will it stay like this in the future?
  • Where do you store it? Why? Was it always at that place? Would it stay there forever?
  • Have you got any plans with it in the future?
  • If you don’t remember everything, ask people who were with you.
  • If you find even more questions, please, put them in a message!


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“What we love” gives you a fresh look at your life – with pen, paper and your treasures.

It is a project that is open to everyone.

And what is in your cupboard or in your attic?

Read on…

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