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Paint and draw what you love

Not just usual painting or drawing lessons

The times are as fast as strange and not just these corona days.

We’ve got the impression that time takes more and more space. On the one hand job and family demand a lot and on the other hand there’s too much distraction from TV, Social Media etc. to reflect on ourselves. And indeed, there’s so much to discover and to discover again.


I’m sure you’ve a got at least one box where you’ve put in your things of the heart from your past. To occupy with these treasures give us not just the pleasure of a painting on the wall, but also a view into the past and perhaps to the future, too.

You collect your beloved treasures (things, photos etc.) you can imagine to paint or draw (watercolor, acrylics, oils, pencils etc.) with me.

I advice you in composition, colors, brushes and much more, and you tell me something about your subject.

So, it’s not just simple painting lessons but also time to remember.

Let’s write or better talk and see via Skype to see what we can do if you want to do it on your own.

The 1st session = 1 hour is free. The next costs €50/hour.

Otherwise join the Facebook Group “What we love” and have a look.

In Progress

How do you get close to your treasure?

  • What is it, what you love?
  • What kind of picture do you see quite spontaneously in front of your inner eye?
  • What atmosphere is with this treasure? Perhaps you can fit it into your painting?
  • Is there anything that belongs to the treasure and should be in the painting, too?
  • With which you can you recognize your treasure best? Bird’s eye view or low angle view? Eye level? Or a bit from a bit above it? Give it a try, best in front of an empty wall.
  • On which surface would you like to put the treasure?- Wood, china, cloth etc.? How can it come into its own?
  • Take some photos. (Please, don’t paint from a photo. most cameras change the colors and twist the perspective. Just pay attention to it!)
  • In the meantime ask yourself if your treasure is still in the focus with background and surface. Or does the surrounding steal its crown? Then change the built scene. The treasure deserves more.
  • Would you like to see your picture from your thing of your heart in color or in light and dark?

Of course that’s not everything, but you’ve started already.


Blueberry Hill


Two Knives

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“What we love” gives you a fresh look at your life – with pen, paper and your treasures.

It is a project that is open to everyone.

And what is in your cupboard or in your attic?

Read on…

We occupy ourselves with our treasures

that are either hidden in a cupboard or in a box or you put them quite obviously on the windowsill or on the mantelpiece, as e.g. grandma’s vase or Opa’s cigarbox.

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