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Blueberry Hill

Ok, I like Fats Domino, but I’m sure he didn’t meant this kind of tremendously sweet cupcakes when he wrote this song, but this title was the first what came to my mind when looking for one that is perhaps a bit more interesting than blueberry cupcake. I’m sure I make at least some of you thinking of the song, don’t I? Ok, I had my thrill as the big Fats Domino.

Indeed there were some hills I had to go over before I was able to paint this sweet sweet thing.

It was a very warm spring day and I wanted to meet a friend for a coffee and because I didn’t want to meet always at the same place I thought around that place and remembered a tiny cafe just opposite with the fitting name „Cookies Cupcakes“ that popped to my mind probably because of the shrill pink on the outside walls and the colourful cupcakes and furnishing inside. In this small room everything seems to be too much, but for that reason I suggested that place.

I cycled there and we had a nice time to catch up with our news from the weeks passed. After the first coffee we found the time to go to the counter to decide which sin we take. I was in for raspberry and my friend for the blueberry, both full of wonderful sweet tastes of white chocolate, cream… I’m sure you can envision.

It was not that suddenly that I got the idea to take one home to paint it, but erm… I was there by bike. Anyway, I couldn’t resist and before leaving I had the problem to decide which one I had to take. The nice woman behind the counter put the blue sin in a save round container and put it in a white paper bag.

Hm, ok, I was still sceptic, but I have two bike baskets. However, I didn’t dare to put blue, so blue cupcake in one of them and hung it on a handlebar while I was walking with my friend to his tram stop. There were already some ups and downs due to sidewalks and I didn’t take a glimpse into the bag just to see my hill had already changed its shape. Hopefully…

We said goodbye and I started my ride through the city and out of it, stopped at traffic lights, waited still not daring looking. I didn’t want to see my imgination, that poor thing I wanted to bring home to be painted. Probably, I’d come home and could paint the next work with its cream. I thought to myself I should have taken the tram. That would have been safer blablabla… you stupid girl, you knew they make picturesque cupcakes and you remembered the idea of painting at least one… or all?… from years ago.

I rode some more sidewalks up and down – not that smooth at some points. I felt with Blueberry Hill at every hight difference and bite my tongue. It was not a comfort to imagine coming home and at least to be able to eat it. What a waste!

When I reached home, I opened the door. First I carried Blueberry Hill’s bag to the studio and put it carefully down on the table… still no look. Then I got my bike in. Taking a deep breath I entered the studio again and pulled the sides of the bag gently to see… that Blueberry Hill’s hill lost the top blueberry and the delicious cream layers slipped to one side. It was so logical. However I saw potential for rescueing at least something and got it out of its box onto my theatre. Poor thing, now with all shortcoming in the center of my still life stage. So, I took all my courage and get the formerly top blueberry on top again. Then I sat down looked at the result of me riding this beauty through the city. I turned it a little and found the shape not too badly smashed. I was sort of relieved but, it was a warm day and Blueberry Hill was full of cream not a state that would last long. In the fridge for tomorrow’s painting lesson? No, the cream wouldn’t be that fresh anymore. Ok, then I had to start on the spot because the sun set in two hours and I’m a fan of daylight painting.

First, I looked for something less delicate than the object. I got the paving stone and put Blueberry Hill on it – a good contrast from hard to soft. Then I decided to take a square panel and found my favourite spot on it for my sweet treasure and started.

I felt I had the duty to make it looking as it deserves and was so happy to manage it in two hours. The next day I had a second look, changed the backround a bit and found the right point to stop. Now Blueberry Hill is drying in the studio window and … (whispering) it was very delicious no matter it looks.

Any idea why subjects for still lifes and cupcakes have to look so neat and delicious to be loved?

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