Welcome to the newest Lockdown!

During the last months it has got us so real – a new kind of life – hasn’t it?

Everything is new and different. There is so much happening around us and we didn’t expect that at all: a lot at home, no work oder more than usual, with masks in public, not being allowed to see the loved ones… and now for Christmas as well!

Especially because of these new circumstances it is so important for us to take some space and some time to understand everything. Moreover, we need to lead a fulfilled life despite all this.

Actually, this is always important – unquestsionably,

however, there may be even more ways…?

In these times

I, Ulrike Miesen-Schürmann,

would like to join you as:

Fine Artist

  • to beautify your home with my paintings
  • or to teach you painting.


paintings and drawings

of what I love

Tips for Drawing

and Painting

before, while, after

Treasure Finder

who likes to get close to your beloved memories (treasures) with you to create wonderful painted and/ or written new treasures.




Write what

you love

for Courage,

Strength &

your Satisfaction


  • who die dir das Journaling ans Herz legt,
  • die dir das literatische Schreiben beibringt
  • die dich beim Finden und Erfüllen deiner Freuden und Lieben unterstützt.



you love

with me

Tips for Writing

when you got stuck or

you need a new idea

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