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A sea friend showed me some paintings lately. He was not that satisfied with them. In this case it is of big value to ask someone else. A fresh new view that doesn’t stick to the painting, and you know quite quickly how to go on:

This Shrimp has wonderful hights and depth. You see where the shell gleams and where the tail and eyes are and where the shells overlap.

However, this background… sometimes less is actually more:

  1. Die color comes directly from the tube and is very saturated. It takes the importace from the shrimp.
  2. There are already (because of some used salt) very many contrasts in the background. That makes the filigree “drown”.


This Background does the painting no good.


With good paper you’ve got the possibility to get some of the color off the painting with some papers of the good old kitchen roll – please, very carefully so that nothing happens to the shrimp.

If that is successfull it would be useful to change the color to reduce its saturation and give it to the shirmp. I’d advice a grey nuance that you can get with adding with watery red. 


Ulrike Miesen-Schuermann

Ulrike Miesen-Schuermann

I’m Ulrike Miesen-Schuermann, fine artist, tutor and full of ideas for me and for you maybe. Some times just a word or a picture is needed to take us to old and new worlds, where we have collected and still collect treasures, places and memories – with a whole lot of love.

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