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White is not just White

Not later than having a second of more drawing pets with different texture and quality you’ll find out that white is not like white if you have them lying next to eachother.

If you’re looking for a fitting passeparout for framing it, this becomes a problem. The texture is not the problem, but the different whites. A bright blueish white does not fit to a drawing on a warm toned paper.

From the distance you may not see it, but if you’re near: you see the differences in texture and colour. At a good framer’s shop you’ll find a big variety of white passepartouts. I’m sure you need it. There are whites that turn to a rosy white, some to vanilla others to blue or also even to green.



You will not have any problem if you’d like to choose a black passepartout. It might be even better for your drawing because a little one comes out quite well with this hard contrast. But please take also a black frame then. Otherwise it’s too contrasty.

You can also take a grey one or another colour, but please, don’t kill your fine drawing by a bright passepartout.


Please, have a very close look when both – drawing and passepartout – are put together. Do they really fit?

It is always the second and close look makes it sure or makes you change your mind. Most framers are very helpful because they want satisfied artists, too.



So, don’t buy any white passepartouts and hope they would fit. Mostly, it’s the taken way to the framer that makes the artist happy.


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