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How to conquer a Workshop

After creating a workshop for some eager student you need your equipment ready for the day.

Have you got the right case? Have you got a list with the mentioned and fitting equipment?…

BE PREPARED!!! (for almost everything)

Although students are supposed to bring their paints and brushes, bring your own and also your pliers, just in case some students haven’t used their paints for a long time.

Take a box with teabags with you. (Do you always know in advance what kind of tea you’d like? I don’t.) Feel free to take other kinds of drinks.

Have some more things with you: pencils, sharpener and some paper. Who knows who finds them more interesting than paintings or needs a little success.

And never forget somthing to write if you get new ideas (“If an idea doesn’t seem to be absurd in the first place, it’s rubbish.”)

First View

Social Media for ever?

During the last days I fighted my way through all my Social Media channels, the profils and switching from Mailchimp to Sendinblue for getting new and find a new (DSGVO corresponding) home for existing newsletter readers.

However, I’m not sure which plattforms are useful and which are not – for artists, writers and coaches.

Of course, you can get masses of ideas what to post and when to post is best, but I’m must say I’m more on for direct experience from people around me instead of generalized information for all businesses.

  • What platforms do you use?
  • How much time do you spend on them because of your profession?
  • Which one do your clients use most?
  • Are newsletters still of interest?
  • What about blogs?

I’d appreciate plenty of answers. They maybe of help for you readers as well.

Thank you in advance!

Yours Ulrike

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