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Willow called Nefertiti

There’s a willow in our new garden that had quite long brushes and made a nice shade. They almost reached the table nearby. My partner was very ambitious to cut the brushes in winter and now there are just some little green leaves getting enough sounlight to grow.

I see this willow every morning when I look out of the window of the bedroom and it’s a big relief to have this view to the garden when you are caught a cold before Easter. Before the holidays I bought the Pilot Parallel Pen I saw in a video.

Now there was the chance to use it: Seeing this naked willow we named Nefertiti because the profile looks very similar, I took pen and paper and sketched the tree directly from the bed.

What about your views from the bedroom? There might be also something that is worth sketching…

First View
New Studio

White is not just White

Not later than having a second of more drawing pets with different texture and quality you’ll find out that white is not like white if you have them lying next to eachother.

If you’re looking for a fitting passeparout for framing it, this becomes a problem. The texture is not the problem, but the different whites. A bright blueish white does not fit to a drawing on a warm toned paper.

From the distance you may not see it, but if you’re near: you see the differences in texture and colour. At a good framer’s shop you’ll find a big variety of white passepartouts. I’m sure you need it. There are whites that turn to a rosy white, some to vanilla others to blue or also even to green.



You will not have any problem if you’d like to choose a black passepartout. It might be even better for your drawing because a little one comes out quite well with this hard contrast. But please take also a black frame then. Otherwise it’s too contrasty.

You can also take a grey one or another colour, but please, don’t kill your fine drawing by a bright passepartout.


Please, have a very close look when both – drawing and passepartout – are put together. Do they really fit?

It is always the second and close look makes it sure or makes you change your mind. Most framers are very helpful because they want satisfied artists, too.



So, don’t buy any white passepartouts and hope they would fit. Mostly, it’s the taken way to the framer that makes the artist happy.


First View

How to conquer a Workshop

After creating a workshop for some eager student you need your equipment ready for the day.

Have you got the right case? Have you got a list with the mentioned and fitting equipment?…

BE PREPARED!!! (for almost everything)

Although students are supposed to bring their paints and brushes, bring your own and also your pliers, just in case some students haven’t used their paints for a long time.

Take a box with teabags with you. (Do you always know in advance what kind of tea you’d like? I don’t.) Feel free to take other kinds of drinks.

Have some more things with you: pencils, sharpener and some paper. Who knows who finds them more interesting than paintings or needs a little success.

And never forget somthing to write if you get new ideas (“If an idea doesn’t seem to be absurd in the first place, it’s rubbish.”)

First View

The big Year 2023

Oh yes, I have waited for this change such a long time, but I’ve never dreamed of a year like this that still feels like: everything in one go and even more.

In April my partner and I started to look for a house for us… and found the right one already at the 2nd trial. OMG, to pay for it I needed to sell my house in Bremen before… and we booked a holiday for May.

So, before the holiday we had to clean and make up the house so that we can show the house like I would like to show it, just 120m² plus basement plus garden. You can imagine…

Just after the holiday in the mountains I offered the house online and I was already nervous that the house would sell as fast as I needed the money… It took… just 4 weeks in the beginning of July. Yeah!

The notary and the buyers, who went on holiday in summer, were quite quick.

However, in the meantime I had make up my mind about what furniture I wanted to keep and wanted to sell or just to get rid of. At the same time we worked on how to share and use the rooms and where to put which table because our plan has been to live and work at the same place: My partner needs two office rooms and I need my studio.

In the beginning of August I started packing and painting the walls in the new home. I moved on August 16th, my piano one day later. My partner arrived 2 weeks later with his private part and the weeks later with his offices. So, in the middle of September we could start to settle in and down, and you can imagine that takes time, especially if you are two people who had been living alone for more than 5 years.

September? Now we have December – indeed we have. So, you can imagine there was more: My mum got weaker and weaker and died on October 14th and my health was more than fragile. Also, Covid came round for the second time and I must say it still totures me.

However, I’m happy to have left the city of Bremen to live in the countryside now just behind the borders of Bremen. We’ve got a wonderful garden that is an invitation to teach students here. That is my plan next to paint in my studio and in the fields. But this December we have snow over here and this covers everything with a blanket and even brings more silence to calm down what we both really need.

New Studio
First View

Greetings from London

This is a more or less secret gem between the big banks of London and the Tower – remained walls of a church, where you can find a little quiet – in the middle of London.

Ok, you hear the cars and the red busses, but the bushes and the greent tendrils show us sitting on the park benches that you sit in the green at least, and that in a quite enchanted place.

That the people need exactly that you can recognize when you observe the office workers who spend their lunch breaks here.

We also spend a kind of break here, me with some black pens for this sketch in my traveler’s notebook before we went to the airport – back home.

I would spend my lunch break here at St.-Dunstan-in-the-East.

And you?

Church London

So tiny…

So tiny…

This image I used for my tutor sessions and Britta just took the small image and painted it on 7x5cm – as small as it was on the worksheet. Great work!

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