Greetings from London

This is a more or less secret gem between the big banks of London and the Tower – remained walls of a church, where you can find a little quiet – in the middle of London.

Ok, you hear the cars and the red busses, but the bushes and the greent tendrils show us sitting on the park benches that you sit in the green at least, and that in a quite enchanted place.

That the people need exactly that you can recognize when you observe the office workers who spend their lunch breaks here.

We also spend a kind of break here, me with some black pens for this sketch in my traveler’s notebook before we went to the airport – back home.

I would spend my lunch break here at St.-Dunstan-in-the-East.

And you?

Church London

So tiny…

So tiny…

This image I used for my tutor sessions and Britta just took the small image and painted it on 7x5cm – as small as it was on the worksheet. Great work!

The last Apple (from painter’s view)

The last Apple (from painter’s view)

Just at the tree



ripped off.


cold fingers,

all colors,

holeyed leaf –

the time has come:

The first bite is certainly sweet in juice …

must wait.

oil on wood, soon in the gallery…

Journaling in October

Journaling in October

Tonight I had the idea to collect different patterns (best from all over the world!) that are good for drawing. A lot of people just dare to put in colors in books for relaxing, but as a tutor I always like to learn something – and of course I’d like people to learn something, at least a tiny bit.

Today I prepared my Bullet Journal for October and added some Japanese patterns. I found out that felt tips are not that good, but rollerball pens and gel pens can do a very good job. I confess these are the first trials. However, I find doing these are a good activity at night when you cannot sleep.


Stamping ended

Stamping ended

Stamping ended

“Stamping ended” is the title of this new work which is now drying in the window of my studio, where people passing by can have a look at it.

These two stamps have done there work and will never start it again, because – thank to good old Bob D. – the times they are a changin’.

However, painting is a good way to let things and times pass. Have you ever thought of painting something and give it away after that?



6×6 inches/ 15x15cm, oil on 0.6 inches MDF

Have a closer look here…

Jutta’s Sunset

There are some paintings from my students that are really worth showing.

Here you see that the country is very flat in Northern Germany, but we’ve got skies over here, haven’t we?

Jutta worked with gouache and wanted to make it as abstract as possible. She made it and her color palette is so northern.


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