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You’ve made it !

You’ve decided to  get more information and a newsletter from time to time. I appreciate that very much!

For this pleasure you get a little present: a print from the apple painting that you can download, print or let print, frame and hang on your wall.

I would be happy to get a photo of this print hanging on your wall, perhaps with some furniture around. It is always great to see where a painting or print has find its new home. Thank you so much in advance!


The Apple

This apple here is a russet. Each of those apples makes me remember the russet tree in the garden of my parental home. In the late summer and first cold autumn days it seemed so self-evident to go there, look at the apples and pick the most beautiful one.

Often I wasn’t tall enough. Either my father helped me to get the best apple or I got the long apple picker from the shed: a long stick from bamboo with a bag at the end. I felt very independent, when I had exactly that apple fallen into the bag that I had chosen.

Do you know how a russet apple tastes? – If not, you’ve missed something. You need some courage for the first bite. You take a firm bite. Like this you you crack the skin and the white flesh. Now it comes – the wonderful fruit acid, that contracts everything in your mouth. However, when you “survived” this sensual experience, the pleasure of this savoury apple that also makes a great apple cake (also whole meal). wunderbare Säure, die dir in deinem Mund erst einmal alles zusammenzieht. Aber wenn du dieses Sinnenerlebnis hinter dir hast, kommt der Genuss dieses sehr aromatischen Apfels, der sich ebenso für Apfelkuchen (auch Vollkorn) wunderbar eignet. Enjoy it!

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