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Tips for Painting

Just paint if...

… you really in the mood for and want it.


It is almost not important. If you’d like start small, just tke a pencil. It’s always good to draw first and go on with painting later.

In general I’d recommend acrylic colors for the start, but please don’t take the cheap from Goya. Royal Talens and Schmincke have good starter sets.

3 brushes of the sizes 2, 6 and 12 are enough, not just the cheap ones. Most of them are too bold.

You wanna have fun, don’t you?

What in... what on

Ob Papier oder Leinwand hängt ganz von eurem Geschmack ab. Beim Papier würde ich darauf achten, dass es nicht zu dünn ist, ab 250g/m² ist schon gut.

Leinwürde ich nur im Fachhandel kaufen. (Die Basic-Version genügt für den Anfang.) Es sei denn, du möchtest dir die Mühe machen und sie vorher grundieren. Ansonsten benötigst du viel Farbe um die Zwischenräume zwischen den Fasern zu füllen.

Your Place for Painting

Look for a beautiful and light place, perhaps near a window. Best would be a window facing to the north because the light does not change that much as in other directions.

If you paint with artificial light it would be great to have a daylight bulb. Otherwise you could get surprised quite unfortunately because the colors look different on the wall in daylight than in usual bulb light. If you paint or draw with pencil or coal, there will be no problems.

Music, Noise or none?

Being disturbed while painting with fresh colors on the palette and the brush makes me angry sometimes, especially when I feel this area or painting I’m painting is on a good way. Otherwise a break is a good thing to have a second and a far look on the painting.

Musik is sometimes of help and you could it make fit to the subject of the painting. Imagine Vivaldi’s “Spring” while painting a spring landscape!

However, if you need silence, take it!

Light or Dark?

You can always paint, also deep at night if you can’t sleep. I’ve heart about painters who got up at night for painting. Most painters are most productive in the morning. I’m the afternoon type – that seems quite unusual. I love the daylight, even it is an overcast day.

So, every painter has his/her time.

Try to find your time and your light, but don’t throw shadow on your painting.

With enough light you can paint the whole night.

Duck looking at painting

You want more?

You need a reason or an idea for painting oder just a topic or a subject. You’d like to know how to start? What else?

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