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Art against Corona

Art against Corona

Life has become so different - for all of us, anyway which country. Finally, we really feel that we're all sitting in one boat and how important it is to rely on family, friends...

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What about a Print? (1)

What about a Print? (1)

There are so many printing companies around and I gave one a try and was quite happy with the results. This tiny pencil painting was originally just 10x10cm. Now the size is...

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Ulrike Miesen-Schuermann

Ulrike Miesen-Schuermann

I’m Ulrike Miesen-Schuermann, fine artist, tutor and full of ideas for me and for you. Some times just a word or a picture is needed to take us to old and new worlds, where we have collected and still collect treasures: little gems, places and memories – with a whole lot of love. Let’s get out these apples of the eye and brighten our world.


Paintings and Drawings


what I love

Tip of the Day

For a stressful day with Corona: Have a cup of tea, a look out of a window and calm down.

Need an Exercise?

For Writers:

Describe drinking a drink.

For Painters:

Take the most simple item around you, a pencil and paper and sketch it.

Show me, if you like!

A good Saying?

“Tell me to what you pay attention and I will tell you who you are.”

José Ortega y Gassett

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